Love Slave

by Turbotronics

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released June 4, 2012



all rights reserved


Turbotronics La Fayette, New York

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"Music like this helps feed your wild side" -- Skope Magazine

"Corporate Lady is a wonderful alternative to wall street noise" -- Red Dragon TV

"driving rhythms, compelling vocals" --- Real Rocker Girl
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Track Name: Corporate Lady
Climbing up the ladder every night and day
when you get low pay is a drag
chewing up deadlines hitting all the right keys
that's the way you move up asap

meeting after meeting after meeting after meeting after meeting after meeting after meeting

Corporate Lady, corporate lady
whip out your credit card
and take me to the bar
corporate lady

Grab another latte for the 4pm, you hear the numbers they've been down
holding back emotion blaming all the right peeps
you'll get that office with the view uptown

meeting after meeting after meeting after meeting after meeting after meeting after meeting

Corporate Lady, corporate lady
whip out your credit card and
take me to the bar
corporate lady

Oh corporate lady, take off your pumps
you work too hard
and look at me with your steel blue eyes
I love you corporate lady
give me a promotion
Track Name: Crush
Baby i really want you to know
you make my heart jump out the window
no i can't erase the one and only time we were face to face

I've got a crush on you and it breaks me in two
I know there's nothing we can do
I've got a crush on you and it breaks me in two
nothing else matters just me and you

I wanna break down your door
dressed in pink
I'll be your whore
and when I see your face
I'm gonna kiss your lips and feed you crepes

Now that's you're gone paradise is lost
I search your space for news of our fate
why didn't we just run away?

What is this a dream?
could it be you coming back to me
you're dressed in red
lick my lips I'll give you some head
Track Name: International
International, we're going international
International, we're going international

Trying to fly, without wings that's a silly thing
when you're leaving him behind
Making your money in the clouds, oh you sexy thing
when are you touching down?

You've got a man in Japan, but he's jealous now
You've been hanging with that guy from Paraguay
But you're leaving him too in June, for your one true love
and that man happens to be me

Take me baby up in the clouds
Take me baby we'll never come down

Now you're on your jump seat and you're on your way to teach me
how to join the mile high club
give me a peanut for a kiss
oh what bliss
flying with you around the world.
Track Name: Skinny Bitch
Cigarettes and ritalin with diet pills may keep you thin
but what else can you lose tonight? Tell me baby
you've got your little shoes, a tiny top, a purse so huge,
it's filled with credit cards to keep you in style

If you want to dance all night. Find yourself a skinny bitch and have a good time. A little bit of diet coke a whole lot of vodka. You've got a skinny bitch now drink it with a lime.

Sex and sin will get you in the hottest club this weekend but first you gotta get a good spray tan.
They'll put you in a magazine the papparazzi's in your dreams and they all really want to air brush you.
Track Name: Yoga Boner
Yoga, I really need to do some yoga
I'm too tense I really need to do some yoga
But I can't do the downward dog when I gotta boner
gotta put a blind fold on when I'm doing yoga
cow pose, you know I'm really hot for cow post
and back bends, I hope they never ever end
I can't do the downward dog when I got a boner
Gotta put a blindfold on when I'm doing yoga

Yoga's good for you, it'll make you feel so cool, make you feel high all the time, really makes you wanna have sex.
Track Name: Camaro
You are the spark I need tonight
you turn the key, my engines come alive

I'll take you anywhere you want to go
In my red camaro

There's a stick shift here I hope you will learn
turn the radio up I've got rubber to burn

Take a ride with me
anywhere, name your city

I'll take you anywhere you want to go
and I promise you we won't go slow
I'll take you anywhere you want to go
In my red camaro
Track Name: Penthouse Apartment
We were going to your wedding in the south of France
But we lost the chance.
We should have done it in the bed
And now we're going to Italy instead.

Sorry about the day bed we made love for hours
Soaking in the hot tub, taking a shower.
Kissing all the mirrors in your penthouse apartment

We left eleven dollars on your flat screen TV
replaced the wine and liquor and left it real clean
at least we didn't do it, in your bed
and now we're going to Italy instead
Track Name: Love Slave
I'm your secret love slave
Who must behave, no I won't cave anymore
When you're, a little tipsy
and you look at me like a cat in heat, I feel completely weak
I know that fantasy becomes reality when we're alone
but when will we be alone?
So let's let the days go by, and try to fight the moon when it's ripe
the wild rock n roll nights take their toll
If I'm still your love slave
you must behave
no don't cave
because I'm just a fool in love
Track Name: Lori Librarian
I see you in the library
I see you through the books

Falling in love with the librarian
Lori Librarian that's her name

What you doing reading that?
I'll give you something good to leaf
Track Name: Devil Heart
If you told me that you want me and you need me to leave
with you right now, I'd follow you underground
to a secret destination downtown where
where we would never be found
what do you want me to do

Every time you come around
I've got the devil in my heart
It takes everything I've got
to hold me back, from loving you

Now you tell secret things I can't forget
no matter how drunk I get
we're still insane to live this way

there is so much we can do
If I could only get my hands on you
you'd feel it through and through

High heel shoes and your hair's a mess
your lipstick's smeared I tore your dress
I look in your eyes, you kiss my neck
I touch your body you touch my body
we dance around, we lie on the bed
I'd take you to heaven,
the devil comes instead

I'd take my sunglasses off, to see you
undress for me one more time
Track Name: Taco Hell
I was walking the streets one drunken night
Inside the worldwind of delight
didn't know what to do
kind of wanted to get some food
the sidewalks were pale and without a friend
it may have been the end
then came an angel in disguise
said look towards those florescent lights

Taco Bell. Taco Hell.

A man said step inside, said they'd take me for a ride
we have lots of deals, pick which one will be your next meal
and so I ordered the burrito supreme
for forty-nine cents it's that easy
reaching in and pulled out my stash
he said, no refunds we take only cash

And now I walk the streets all alone
watching the gray morning fog roam
when it begins to spin
mexican hurricane has one again